Why does the flag fly at Half-Mast?

Annual Dates to fly your flag at Half-Mast:
Peace Officers Memorial Day, May 15th
Memorial Day, last Monday in May (Flag raised to full staff at noon)
Korean War Veterans Day, July 27th
Patriot Day, September 11th
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, December 7th

Rules for flying yor flag at Half-Mast:
Only the President and state Governors can decide when and how long the flag should be flown at half-staff.
Thirty days after the death of a president or former president.
Ten days after the death of a vice president, the chief of justice or a retired chief of justice or the speaker of the house of representatives.
Until the burial of an associate justice of the Supreme Court, secretary of a military department, a former vice president, or the governor of a state, territory, or possession.
On the day of and the day after the death of a member of Congress.
On Memorial Day, the day set aside to honor all the people who have died while serving the United States & originally called Decoration Day, the flag is flown at half-Staff until noon, then raised to full staff until sundown.

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